Wow, its been a whole year

Can't believe that its been an entire year since my last update.
Anyway, to keep things short, If you like first-person video games, you might want to give my game a shot.
I, along with two others, created a game for out senior project. Our game is called Dead Silence, you can read more about it at Link If you have any comments, feel free to leave them here. Please note that comments are moderated and will have to approved before they appear.

Introducing DnsAgentService -- a DDNS client

DnsAgentService is a lightweight windows service that provides a Dynamic DNS client that integrates into an existing domain hosted by Dreamhost.

Bad Pointer is back on the air

Long story short, I erased the original drupal 7 install because it was unmaintained and I wasn't sure what was going to be required to get it fully updated. I'll be slowly getting its content restored and adding some new content.

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